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  Anonymous said:
Hi guys! I'm having a problem clicking the link for the YBBS since i'm on my playbook. Is it possible if u guys could give me a link directly to it? Thank you~! c:

The first series isn’t even up yet,  that is probably why, Sweet -C

  Anonymous said:
So do you guys think GD would kiss his GF/Wife on the lips if they're on a award show he won ? :D thank you .

I think if his relationship was public with his girlfriend/wife and it had been public for a while, then yes. I do believe he’d give her a peck on the lips and a hug before going up on the stage to collect his award or even on things like Inkigayo and other music shows he wouldn’t mind her coming up on the stage for a hug and a kiss. Nothing too extreme, they’d save that for later. I think though if it hadn’t been long since the announcement of their relationship, he may stick to a hug and maybe a kiss on the cheek but he certainly wouldn’t just ignore her or keep his hands off of her. In both cases… I think once they were out of sight together, he’d express his happiness and kiss her passionately while holding her body tightly against his in excitement and happiness.

-Admin C

  Anonymous said:
Hey admin c I'm a huge fan of your bad boy stories!!!!!! I was just wondering if maybe you could write a story about a cool bad boy who falls for an innocent girl and he tries to protect and watch over her and can you please make the bad boy Top and name the main girl character Tracy (since that's my name, sorry if I'm being too greedy lol) P.S. Bad boys are awesome especially the ones who are sweet and awkward Infront of their girl but then acts cool and tough to others hahaha thanks!

I am glad you enjoy my stories. I prefer to write bad boy stories, I am in to them myself ;-)

But we’re not accepting requests right now </3 

I am sorry!

-Admin C

  Anonymous said:
Hello, I have a question, I'm not sure if you saw but apparently GD unfollowed everybody on IG, now I know that you can't possibly know why he did that, but since I don't have IG is there a button that says 'unfollow all' and he might have accidently pressed it? If not, do you have any idea why he did that? Oh and by the way, love you guys and this blog. You are the best <3

I don’t know.

I know we shouldn’t really mention Kiko’s name on the blog because it is a ship and we have rules about such and I know some fans don’t like that ship, but a lot of people have being saying it is to do with her not following any one. However, I’d like to point out that Kiko has two IGs. One for fans and another personal one. She has never followed anyone on that account before. 

I believe Jiyong is going through a rough time at the moment and he has some things that are personal and hard for him. He will get better and I don’t know, he may have done it by accident, we wouldn’t know as we’re only fans, like you. 

Something might be happening in his personal life that isn’t anything to do with relationships, us as fans can’t possibly know everything about him so we’re only going by what we know and many think he has gone through a breakup.

We should just support him and make sure he knows he always has his fans no matter what :)

-Admin C

  Anonymous said:
Admin C! I adore your gangster G-Dragon story! I hope you'll write more stories like it in the future! I was just wondering, have you read any fics where the boys are gangsters that you would recommend to others? I'm addicted to them haha

I haven’t read OC chaptered fanfiction in a while and I haven’t read chaptered fanfiction about our boys for ages </3

I tend to stick with One Shots now and I can’t remember any from the top of my head, especially as I don’t read just read BIGBANG fanfics as I am in different fandoms too :(

I am sorry! I mean, unless you’ve already read all our One Shots, we have a few in our directory?

I am glad you liked Gangster, it really means a lot! I will definitely write a bad boy type scenario again next, but I need people to keep giving me ideas on my previous post about the new scenario.

People have liked it, but only one person as actually gave me an idea:/

-Admin C

  Anonymous said:
What do you prefer writing.. smutty scenarios, funny scenarios or just regular ones? *curious*

I personally can’t write funny scenarios. :(
I like to write fluffy/romantic scenarios, but I am always into the sort of ‘bad boy’ scenarios, if you have noticed. You know like the bad boy falls for the other bad girl or the innocent girl that they like to look after and stuff like that.
A lot of my One Shots and stories have been criminal or gangster based, ahaha!
I like to write smut on occasions, sometimes I can just write it with ease and sometimes I just simply can’t :)

-Admin C

Admin A may add to this later on…

  Anonymous said:
Admin C! May I know what's your aff account? I like the bad boy thingy too. Like the cold ganster-mobster but have a soft and warm heart towards the girl sort of stuff haha.

Yo! Bad boys are the best, right? (Sometimes they’re dickheads tho)
I also love when they have the sweet side to their girl but the rough and tough exterior to other people, even other girls, muha.
You sure can have my AFF, click here.
However, they are probably all what I post on here or shipping stories:/

-Admin C

Hello, it’s me! (Admin C)

I have decided, seen as the last chapters of both ‘Gangster’ and ‘Sneaking around with my brother’s best friend’ are almost completed, that I will be starting another GDragon fanfiction.

I have also decided that the two other stories I have posted on here, will be deleted. I do not like them and I don’t believe that they’re very good.

I have other stories happening on my aff, but I want to start something we all like, yeah?

I like the bad boy themes, so it will probably be something like that. 

(Comment on this post…) How about some of you guys give me some ideas, yes?

  Anonymous said:
Im not sure if any of you celebrate Easter.. but if you do, HAPPY EASTER LOVELY ADMINS! ^O^ *sends you cute little eggs* ^_^

But It isn’t Easter until tomorrow? 

It’s only 10:41 am Saturday where I am, aha~

However, Happy Easter to you too, Sweetie! <3

-Admin C

  Anonymous said:
this is the same anon from before, sorry, i just read that scenario one isnt up yet. oh, i feel dumb kkkk. well sorry again and i cant wait thank you!

No need to feel sorry!
Hopefully everything will be up soon~