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hey ladies i know that you guys are still busy with the scenarios that you still have to write. So i was wondering do you know when you are going to do the member + random objects drabbles again.
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I want to apologise for being out of the loop lately, I haven’t had much inspiration!

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I need me some more of lesson x, what it's like, and into the fire. PLEEEAASEE put me out of my misery!!
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sorry to bother but do you guys know bigbang's weights/heights...?? I was searching for it but couldn't find it..

Here is a post we’ve done regarding BB’s heights: Click!

As for their weight, I’m not sure if what was posted in their bios is their true weight but according to that:

G-Dragon: 58 kg (128 lbs)

Taeyang: 56 kg (123 lbs)

TOP: 65 kg (143 lbs)

Daesung: 63 kg (138 lbs)

Seungri: 60 kg (132 lbs)

I’m a bit skeptical about these numbers, but that’s all I could find for you :)

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I was wondering if u guys still have the link to " Missing x Jiyong - one shot" something like that??
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Anonymous asked:

Based on what you know or maybe just your opinion, what do you think GD and TOP's ideal girl (personality wise)? Thanks ❤️ :)

We’ve answered a similar question to this a long while back and you’ll be able to see our answers for all 5 of the boys :). Here is the link to the post: CLICK!

And this question will be included in our list of “Popular Questions” page which will be up eventually :)

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Anonymous asked:

What if your friend still doesn't know that you're dating G-Dragon and thinks that you guys are still only friends and your friend tries to set you up on a date infront of GD? What would he do? <3

With another guy? That is what I am presuming!
I have a feeling he’d do one of these three things…
(Depending on his mood -maybe)

  1. Interject - Interject what was happening, trying to ‘subtly’ stop this set up from happening, even though you’d stop it yourself and if you didn’t, he’d get angry at you.
  2. Play along - Play along with a smirk on his face, daring you to go ahead with it, but he’d know you wouldn’t want to because obviously the two of you were dating. You would be able to tell through his eyes that you would be in big trouble if you did go along with it. 
  3. Admit you were dating - He’d just flat out tell her that you would not be going on said date nor would you need to be set up because the two of you were dating, then he’d pull you in for a kiss to prove he wasn’t fucking around. 

He wouldn’t be happy with it no matter what. If you said yes while trying to cover up you were dating, he’d be angry, upset, maybe even jealous and slightly hurt.

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Anonymous asked:

If BIGBANG were to resemble the Spice Girls who would each of them be and why? Lol. Sorry if it's a strange question.

I used to love the Spice Girls when I was younger. I watched their DVD (Well, it was a video back then) more than I listened to their music though…

Posh Spice - TOP.
Scary Spice - G-Dragon.
Baby Spice - Seungri.
Sporty Spice - Taeyang.
Ginger Spice - Daesung.

I had to go with hunches for this one! I don’t even think I can explain…

-Admin C

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Anonymous asked:

what if you told GD that you're quitting or you're gonna be picky on your projects (let's say you're a singer too ^_^) and just be a mom and a wife more than a musician? thankyou xo :)

He would respect your decision. G-Dragon would never tell you how to work, when to work nor tell you what he wanted you to do for a job. If you wanted to stay home and be more of a mother to your child and just be his wife, he’d be okay with that! If you weren’t sure about it and were just thinking about it, he wouldn’t force you to do anything nor lean you in either direction. I don’t even think that he would mind either options, he’d like them both, so it’s win-win situation for him. He’d just want you to do whatever made you happy. If you were happy, he’d be happy.

-Admin C

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Anonymous asked:

If you were good friends with gd before you two started dating and you once mentioned as friends how you never had a good kiss, what kind of date and kiss would he give you? Love you guys! Xoxo

I don’t think the fact that you had never had a good kiss before would change the way the two of you would go on a date (First date post here - X), but I really think that if you wanted him to kiss you as much as he wanted to kiss you, he’d absolutely show you what a good kiss was like. Because he would be already comfortable with you as you had been friends before you’d even begun dating, he wouldn’t be shy all that much, maybe a little bit. He’d go completely in for it, grabbing the back of your neck, pressing his lips hard against yours and slipping his tongue skillfully in your mouth. You’d be pleasurably shocked and out of breath by the time he’d finished with you. I presume that after he’d done it, he would pull you close to his body with his arms wrapped around your waist and would then say something cocky like ‘That’s what a good kiss is like’ or even before he had kissed you and was just about to, he might say something along the lines of ‘I’ll show you a good kiss’. He’d have a smug smirk on his face afterwards, feeling happy and accomplished. 

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