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It's not an ask (please forgive me) but I have to say this! #vips are losing against #sones in the MTV Billboard Fan Army Face-Off.... with less than 1% T___T Please tell people to vote for our beloved dorks! I really wanna see them on MTV again!! <3 We love them right!!??

Go on!!

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What if when GD tries to kiss you and you keep changing the topic, looking away, and pushing him. although, you're just teasing him? Thank you <3

I think it could go either of two ways… He might just laugh, grab your face and crash his lips down onto yours, pushing you down to where ever you were at that particular moment (Couch, bed, etc.), while deepening the kiss to something much, much more passionate. OR, he’s going to show you that two can play at that game and turn himself away, not saying anything back to you. He’ll still be sat next to you in the silence when he doesn’t answer you, waiting until you give in and kiss him first. 

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Can I please have your honest opinion about when GD, is going to get married? Like 1-3 years?
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Okay, so I am going through our ask box to delete messages that have been asked before and I just wanted to tell you that both Admin A and I are working on a ‘Popular Questions’ page, so all the popular questions we receive will be easier for you all to access!

Also, I have just deleted two questions about the boys hitting their girls. Please don’t send in things like that. Here’s our rules page. Oh and there has been a lot of questions asking about what ‘their girl’ would do if… Please remember we can’t answer questions like that because we only answer for the five boys…

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What would be GD, Taeyang, and TOP's making-out style? I reallly love your blog! Thank youu! ^__^

We’ve answered that in gifs here for all members! -C

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I know this it totally off-topic but billboard is having a fan army face off and bigbang is one of two kpop groups competing and I was wondering if you can post a link so more people can see it? I'd give it to you myself but i guess you guys don;t allow links in the questions. but it's on BIGBANG UPDATES. SNSD is currently in the lead but if you post it maybe we'd have a better chance? AANNDD btw you now have my follow :D Please and thank you :D

You heard her, go vote VIPs!

Here is the link: BIGBANG Fighting!

You have to scroll down a bit but you’ll find it :)

(Thank you for following us ^^)

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Can you do the sexy & pretty photobook to gd question but with top, seungri & taeyang? Thanks!

TOP would have a goofy smile on his face while looking through your photos one by one. You’d, unfortunately, be sitting next to him watching him look through it with so much concentration because he’d refuse to open it if you weren’t by his side. He won’t say much, but his eyes will widen or he’ll point to a particularly good picture before turning to the next one. His professional and experience eyes looking it over and ingraining it into his memory. After he’s done, he’ll pull you into a hug before kissing you on the forehead saying how much he loves it and cherishes it. He’ll say how good you look and that you should become a model which you’ll playfully hit his chest. He’ll correct himself and say that he takes it back, since he wants to be the only one to see these pictures of you before putting the photo book away, somewhere safe where only you two would know where it is.

Taeyang would be so excited and thrilled you made it for him. He’ll have fun looking through the pictures, maybe even shocked at some of them. He’ll comment on each one, maybe saying how sexy you look or how natural you seem in front of the camera. He’ll even start taking pictures of his favorite ones and saving it to his phone (much to your dismay) but he will never show it to anyone else and will look at it when he’s missing you and on a trip where he can’t bring the book with him. But I can definitely see him taking out that book once in a while and looking over it with a little giddy smile on his face.

Seungri would take pictures of EVERY photo in that book and save it to his phone. He’ll tease about changing his background photo every week to a new one of you. But while looking through it, he won’t fail to show his appreciation and thoughts with you. Saying “Wow!” or “Woo!” to some of the especially hot or cute ones. He’ll even try to mimic your poses for you, to be silly and make you laugh. But at the end of the day, he’ll give you a kiss and a happy/proud smile, thanking you for the book and that he’ll cherish it forever. A few weeks after that, you’ll be getting random photo texts from him and not so shockingly, they will be random photos of you with ‘kekekeke’ text following after it, letting you know your boyfriend is looking through the photos again.

G-Dragon version here: click!

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Thank you for the answer to the escort question I was just wondering >< I heard it was a very big business and I'm glad you didn't sugar coat the answer
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What if Jiyong caught you looking at his ex-girlfriend's photos? Bc you were insecure and a little jelly? xD THANKYOUUU!

He’d wrap his arms around you from behind, surprising you as he looks over your shoulder. He’ll ask you, ‘what are you doing?’ even though you both knew what was going on. After shamefully explaining your insecurities to him, he’ll have you put down the pictures and turn to face him to look him straight in the eyes. He won’t tell you meaningless stuff like ‘I never loved her the way I love you’ or that ‘You’re so much more beautiful than her’. He’ll just tell you that there’s nothing for you to be jealous or insecure about because he chose you and you chose him. He’ll remind you the things he loves about you and that should be all that matters.

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What would Gdragon and Seungri do if they saw you dating another guy after your breakup and they weren't over you? Thanks girls! You guys are amazing xx <3

They’d of course be pretty crushed and depressed. But if you were clearly over them and happy with your current boyfriend, then they wouldn’t intervene. They probably wouldn’t even want to let you see them.

G-Dragon would just try to move on, get through sleepless nights scrolling through his instagram and seeking music to release his pent up emotions and feelings for you until he eventually moves on.

Seungri would find ways to keep himself busy, to keep his mind off of you. He wouldn’t be able to speak to you or act normally around you until he was completely over you. Knowing that, that’s what he’ll strive to do, tired of feeling upset over a break up.

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