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September 21 2014
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Hi I have to have surgery on my spine and I'm scared about it I know I asked this on the bigflo blog but I was just wondering how would TOP GD and taeyang comfort you

Oh my :( I wish you all the luck and will have you in mind. I’m so sorry we didn’t get to this question sooner.

I don’t know the severity of the surgery, but I hope these answers are at least somewhat fitting/comforting.

TOP wouldn’t beat around the bush and he wouldn’t try to comfort you with meaningless words/phrases. He’d try to calm you down in different ways like how he touches you, strokes your back or your hair. He’ll do all the things he knows you love while letting you just talk to him if you wanted to talk it out or even just remain in complete silence. If you had a question about what was going to happen, he’ll tell you softly and slowly, almost like telling a story. Of course, he’ll omit the potentially scary factors, but he won’t hide you away from knowing what’s happening, thinking that might make you more prepared. But he will promise you that he’ll be with you every step of the way and that when you’re out of there, the first thing you’ll see will be his face.

G-Dragon would be almost as scared as you are, being able to feed off and feel your worries and fears about the surgery, but he’ll try his best to be stronger and be your support. He’ll always tell you that everything is going to be alright, that it’s just a minor surgery and it’ll be done before you know it. He’ll distract you in telling you what you two are going to do when you’re all better. How he’ll take you to that restaurant you’ve been nagging him about for weeks and that for a whole day, you’re in charge and he won’t complain. He’ll tend to your ever need before the surgery, making sure you’re not stressed, too worried, and not letting your surgery hang over you like a dark cloud. When that day comes, he’ll be with you the entire time, kissing you on the forehead and your hands saying that he’ll be waiting for you and to be brave.

Taeyang would have researched all he knew about the procedure, the treatment, and following up after the surgery. He’d want to be as prepared as he can be so he can know how to take care of you but also know how to comfort you when you’re scared or in pain. Before the surgery, he’ll try to distract you, to try and go about your days as if normal, he won’t show his worries and the fact that he’s also counting down the hours until then, but he’ll keep that beautiful sunny smile on his face for you, hoping that it can comfort you even the slightest. If you asked him about the surgery, he’ll explain it to you, very simply but also avoiding anything that he knew would make you terrified. He’d assure you that things were going to be fine and that you were in good hands (since he’s made sure countless of times that the doctor you were seeing was the best). He’ll tell you things to make you look forward to after your surgery, maybe a date he’s planning or maybe even a couples trip somewhere. He’ll be positive and optimistic, not letting the surgery bother you too much and hopefully keeping your mind looking forward.

-Admin A

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September 21 2014
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How would T.O.P. react to you being pregnant with triplets?

I personally think it’d be quite overwhelming for him. I think at the stage he is at right now, he would’ve only prepared for raising one child. So the news of triplets will be a complete shock to him and daunting, but eventually, after thinking it through and probably getting advice from his mom, he’ll be overjoyed and feel blessed. He may be absolutely terrified, but eventually he’ll pull himself through it to be there for his wife who is going to be popping out 3 babies.

-Admin A

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September 21 2014
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Do you think GD would kiss her GF in public? Bc in Incartion he seems so shocked when mention something about kissing someone in public😄

I think he’d definitely kiss his GF in public! Of course, I’m not imagining full on make-out session, but at least a peck on the lips. Something short but sweet. Since PDA in Korea is heavily frowned upon, I supposed in Incarnation he had to show some modesty, but I don’t think he’d pass off the opportunity to show his girl some love.

-Admin A

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September 21 2014
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Hello! I love this blog <3 :') I hope you won't feel uncomfortable about this question because you probably have answered it alot of times before but I want to know if Admin A is still writing Lesson X?

More comments and replies below the cut!

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Process of Lemonade - Chapter Three - Submission

Luckily your next class was close enough that by the time Taeyang and you arrived Jiyong had not caught up to the both of you. You wave Taeyang a shy goodbye and scurry into your classroom where of course everyone is staring at you. The late bell rings right then causing you to jump a little and squeak making most of your classmates smile or chuckle. The teacher patiently waits for you to sit down and you basically jump into the nearest open seat, which happens to be the front row right next to the window. As soon as the teacher sees you sitting she starts.

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Moving On - Kwon Jiyong.

Jiyong was always the one to put his utter most effort into their relationship, never once did he feel like his one true love even matched him in his efforts; sometimes he felt like they didn’t even love him back – it drove him insane and kept him up at night, he couldn’t help but overthink everything and let his mind wander to the deepest, darkest places that brought him to tears almost each night. He was always the one to arrange dates with them, tell them that those jeans did not make their butt look fat, tell them they were the most gorgeous human being he’d ever laid his eyes on, tell them he loved them… He never received the same treatment back, never. He just desperately wanted to feel loved back, wanted to feel cherished and he wanted someone who would hold him at night, tell him he was handsome and then kiss him goodnight as he fell asleep in their arms. He had now started to think that this supposed ‘love of his life’ wasn’t actually ‘the one’ for him, maybe he needed to find another ceo, one that would indeed cherish his love and his soul, one that would treat him like a King. Yang Hyun Suk just wasn’t the man for Kwon Jiyong, so it seems. Now Jiyong just needs to… move on.

-Admin C

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Process of Lemonade (Chapter Two?)

As the words sink in you slowly brought your eyes down to stare at your food. Well on the bright side you made some new friends –if you could really call them friends-. They did seem to accept you and considering the confused looks from the surrounding tables the fact you were in one piece, much less the fact Jiyong had just called you family was a good thing. You were brought out of your thoughts by Daesung voice. You turned your head towards him a little too suddenly and almost ended up head-butting him. Both of you were slightly taken back at the closeness of your faces until Daesung broken the silence once again.

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Latch - Anonymous Submission - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Yea it has, what are you doing here?

“I’m here with some friends, and you”

“I’m here with a friend too”

“Can we talk real quick?”

“I’m kind of busy right now”

“I just need to talk to you it’s important, I miss you”

 You mumble under your breath that this is not the drama that you need right now. Jiyong is taken back with what she said which causes you to feel uncomfortable. So Jiyong pulls her to the side.

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Wild Thing - Anonymous Submission - Chapter 8

Ch. 8 - Wild Thing

It had been two weeks since Eun Jung had left to return to Taiwan and things fell back into old routine again. The only thing that didn’t resume as expected was Evelyn’s feelings towards Jiyong. If anything, it had gotten worse - she hadn’t spoken more than a few sentences to him in the past two weeks because she simply didn’t know how to act around him anymore. His presence was suffocating and the fact that he was in a relationship made her painfully conscious of her actions. She no longer allowed herself to touch him - he belonged to someone else and it wasn’t her place to find solace in his arms or his words. Deep down, she resented him - she hated how easy he was to confide in; she hated how comforting his words and touch were; she hated how undeniably beautiful he was in all his glory and imperfections. And more importantly, she despised herself and the way she had completely submerged herself into him unknowingly - the way she had allowed herself to bleed out all of her secrets and fears before him.

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Latch Ch. 2 - Anonymous Submission

Chapter 2

“The guy that you saw me meet with is my assistant he helps me out with everything like my schedule, and appointments. He was going through something that day and I was just comforting him”

“So he’s not your boyfriend”

“No he’s not plus he doesn’t date females”


“So back to my question”

Jiyong begins biting his bottom lip

“Are you single?”

“Yes I’m single and looking”

“Oh and looking, your just gonna slide that one right on in huh”

“Yea I felt like it needed to be said in case somebody needed to know”

You look at him smiling and he smiles back.