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I had a dream where I was sitting in the city trying to eat my soup and BigBang were there filming and somehow I got whisked away. I was really distraught because I wanted to eat my soup but I was assured by staff I would be able to. So I'm taken into a dressing room for some reason and I put down my soup. When I turn back to it - my soup is gone. I ask one of the staff members if they've seen my soup and it turns out Seungri ate it. It was very distressing. I just wanted to eat my soup.

HAHA typical Seungri. Now I want to eat soup. -A

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You send him a text message saying "I need to talk to you.." and he thinks you cheated on him. His reaction? In reality, you just happened to break his new shades (haha) His reaction when he finds out he was wrong? Ps. I really enjoy this blog!!! :)) with Seungri and Taeyang. Thank u!

Well first, they’d freak the fuck out.

I can see Seungri texting/calling you nonstop, not being able to stand to wait for the “news” even if he was busy. He’d keep bothering you to tell him and how he’s now worried about what you wanted to tell him that he can’t concentrate on anything else. So when you finally tell him, he’ll laugh heartily and just gather you into a big bear hug, thankful that it wasn’t anything worse. He would tell you how he couldn’t care less about those sunglasses and that he could always buy new ones. He’d tell you how afraid he was that he was going to lose you.

Taeyang wouldn’t be as vocal about his worry, but simply reply to you with an ‘Ok…’ and start worrying by himself. Coming up with all sorts of scenarios on what could it be you wanted to talk about and it’ll start haunting his mind, preventing him to concentrate on anything. The next moment he or you had a free time to talk, he’d call you asking what is it that you wanted to tell him. Even if you didn’t want to tell him then, he’d beg you to put him out of his misery as he can’t take wondering anymore. When you finally do tell him, he’ll let out a huge sigh of relief, comb his fingers through his hair and close his eyes before a smile breaks through on his face. He’ll murmur something about how he thought it would be worse, but won’t go into details on what he was imagining. He’ll tell you it’s okay and that you’re not mad and next time something like that happens, just tell him straight out as you nearly killed him with the wait.

-Admin A

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what do u think mr. gdragon keeps in his purse? o.0

Hmmm, well the necessities like phone, wallet, keys, probably a pair of sunglasses, earbuds, hand sanitizer, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he kept lip balm on him too, just in case.

Would anyone else like to add to this list? :P

-Admin A

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What would top do if you were his girlfriend but came out as bisexual?

Since Korea is still pretty conservative about things like this, I believe he’d be pretty shocked and unsure of what to make of it at first. I think he’d need a good time to think on his own about it, not that he’d shun you or anything but just that he’d ask for time to himself since it is rather big news to him. He of course wouldn’t share the information with others, but keep it to himself.

After careful consideration and thought, he’d try to come to terms with it, especially since he loves you. Then I believe he’d sit you down and ask a string of questions you may or may not be comfortable with but he’d hope that you could answer for him just so he knows. For some reason I could see him double-checking to make sure you still loved him and would want to be with him. He’d want to know how long you may have known and who else knows about it as well. For you, he’d try to be understanding and open-minded as a person should when it comes to a person they love. Even if it may be a bit difficult with the environment that he grew up in.

-Admin A

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So the guys have a younger, female friend and one day she confess to them - but they see her more like a little sis rather than a date. How would they break it to her without making her upset? What would they do to make her feel better? I was wondering this for Youngbae and Seungri, please :) Thank you.

First, I think they’d both be very flattered by her confession. I could see Taeyang being extremely shy and flustered by it while Seungri might just be stunned since he probably wasn’t expecting it.

After gathering their wits together, Taeyang would first smile sweetly, scratch the back of his neck awkwardly as he tries to form the right words and sentences he wanted to say. First, he’d thank her for telling him her feelings and that he really appreciates it. However, he’d be honest in saying that he’s sorry that he can’t return her feelings. He’d make sure she knew it wasn’t something about her personally and maybe even say he’s just not looking for a relationship with anyone at the moment (even if that weren’t true, I believe he’d say it to hopefully make her feel not as hurt by his rejection).

As for Seungri, even though it may hurt her feelings, I think he’d take all the necessary precautions like YB did but he’d truthfully tell her that he sees her more as a younger sister. Even though it may hurt her feelings, he’d want her to know if there really wasn’t anything for her with him so that she could move on quickly. But at the end of it all, he’d reassure her that any other guy would be lucky to have her like them and that he’s thankful for seeing him in such a good light.

-Admin A

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Can someone post the link for the first chapter of Wild thing. I cant find it anymore :( It's a very nice fic btw
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I absolutely love my ship. Thanks so much! You lovely amazing talented admins! Keep writing awesome shit!

More comments and replies below the cut!

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if Top hates to show skin because its embarrassing and hes really shy, he only wears long sleeves and doesnt like to be touched by anyone or the cold how does the man have intimate relationships i figure it takes a lot from him i mean in a normal relationship its kissing cuddling SeX what do you guys think?

I think showing skin/nudity in front of a large audience is probably different than being in a relationship. I might be wrong, but I think TOP is just merely a shy guy who would rather not publicize his body unless necessary to thousands of people. But only share it with those he loves and cares for. So nope, I don’t think it’d be necessarily difficult or take a lot out of him to show a bit of skin to his girlfriend! I think he just chooses not to give the fans what they crave for by ripping off his shirt every now and then and once again likes to keep a few things private and away from millions of eyes. But once again, this is just my opinion :)

-Admin A

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will you please be able to write ''Into The Fire 3'' soon? :)
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Shipping Saturday [ Masterpost ]


Thank you everyone who participated in Shipping Saturday a few weeks ago! You may find your ship underneath the cut.

We are so sorry for taking so long with this. Originally we were going to split 20-20 between me and Admin C, but since Admin C had a sudden lack of inspiration it became harder for her to complete the project over time.

If you submitted a request providing your name/username, you can to find your ship request quickly by searching for your name/username, if not then you’ll just have to scroll through it all :)

To those of you who may have missed out, we’re sorry! We probably won’t be doing this every week but maybe again someday, so until then.

Hope you all enjoy your ships!

(Sorry in advance for the horribly/uncreative ship names we may come up with!)

-Admin A&C

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