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How young would TOP, GDRAGON, and Seungri date? Do you think they'd like to be called oppa and find it sexy?

I don’t know if they’d find being called ‘oppa’ sexy necessarily? Maybe they’d find it cute and it would make their heart flutter, but I guess if said in a seductive way, they’d enjoy it too!

As for how young they’d date:

TOP: Maybe 2-3 years younger (and here is Admin C’s opinion: click!)

G-Dragon: Could be as young as 5 years younger.

Seungri: I also think 2-3 years younger.

-Admin A

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Is there a story for Taeyang and the lama?!? 😂

Not that I know of and there’s none on here quite yet :) Any takers? speckster? :P -A

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Anonymous asked:

I'm having really bad Daddy!YB feels, so how do you think Taeyang would react if he came home to find his wife had styled their son just like him (mohawk, clip-on earrings, etc) because baby wanted to "look more like daddy"?

Cutest image ever.

He’d adore it. He’d take a crap load of pictures, upload it to his instagram, twitter, send it to all of his friends. He’ll encourage his son to try and mimic/impersonate him and he’ll record the whole thing with a wide smile. After he obsesses over his son, he’ll lift him up into his arms and give him a kiss on the check, praising him for how cool he was and that he’s even better than his daddy. He’d be so proud and feel so much love for his son it’d feel like his chest is about to burst open. It’ll definitely be moment he’d never forget and just another reason to be thankful for the life that he has.

-Admin A

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Anonymous asked:

Got this idea from another anon, but who do you think in Big Bang is most ticklish and how would they react?

1- Most ticklish to 5- Least ticklish (This might be a hard one and maybe there’s been actual facts on who is who in BIGBANG is ticklish, but I think…)

  1. Seungri
  2. G-Dragon
  3. Daesung
  4. Taeyang
  5. TOP

I only think Seungri is the most ticklish just based on how he reacts whenever the other members grab him (also from a video of Seungri flailing around from a foot massage because he was ticklish). But really that could all be just him overreacting :P I ranked the rest of the boys just from what I could imagine.

Seungri would flail around violently from being tickled and avoid it at all costs and dodge like a mad men. I think GD being tickled would just be him lying on the floor, overcome by the sensation and just laughing his head off. Daesung would kind of just stand there giggling as you tickled him and let out the occasionally mad man laugh he always does. I see Taeyang dodging and moving around like he did in Running Man, trying to avoid the tickling hands of death. Lastly, for some reason, I see TOP being not ticklish at all. No matter how hard you try, he’d just stare at you as you try and tickle him. The most you may get out is a small giggle from him before he attacks you.

Again, I have no idea if this is accurate and just based on my imagination!

-Admin A

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Anonymous asked:

Hi again! This is the anon who asked the ticklish question. Since I saw I could only do 3 members max in one question, could you please answer the same question with G-Dragon and Daesung this time if you're not too busy?

Of course :) Thank you for following our rules. It’s much appreciated~

Daesung, TOP, and Seungri’s Version

G-Dragon would use it on occasion. While you’re cuddling in bed or on the couch, he’ll tickle you to hear your laugh and squeals because he’ll find it cute. If you’re being stubborn and not admitting that he’s the best boyfriend in the world or tease him that another BIGBANG member is cooler than him, he’ll use it against you until you finally admit it. Or he’ll just rest his hand “innocently” over your ticklish spot, just to see you squirm and tense up, anticipating the worst. He’ll find it cute as you try to wiggle away from him but only to find moving around just increases the pressure on your ticklish spots.

Daesung wouldn’t tickle you all that often. He may creep towards you, making you think that he’s going to tickle you by wiggling his fingers, but by then you’ll already be running across the room as he chases you, laughing like a maniac watching you squeal for him to stop. But that’s as far as he’d go to take advantage of your weakness.

Similar asked question:


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Anonymous asked:

Ok so this just kind of came to me as I was reading some other anon questions... - I was wondering if you think any of the boys would be like old school/traditional in asking his girl's dad (or father figure if dad isn't present) for her "hand in marriage" just out of respect / general luv for his girl? I know there are few men left out there who still do which makes them hella awesome!! :) ~ Thanks!!

I actually think all of them would! Since Korea is still a bit more traditional in some senses and the boys still keep true to their Korean roots, I think they will go through the process of asking for the father’s permission/blessing. It is still seen as a very respectful thing to do and it may be even shameful or rude if the man doesn’t do so when wanting to marry the daughter. So yes, I do think all of them would do so!

-Admin A

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Anonymous asked:

What would GD do when you told him you got accepted as a VS angel?

He’d be proud of you! He’d be really excited to see you modeling all these sexy underwear and stuff but he’d be excited for you if it’s been something you wanted for a long time! He’d playfully admit being jealous that other guys will see your body but he’d be also secretly proud that his girlfriend is a sexy VS angel.

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Anonymous asked:

Hello there. This is my first question and I'm feeling kind of shy... but what would Seungri, T.O.P, and Taeyang do if they found out you were extremely ticklish?

Yay! Happy first question :) don’t feel shy, please feel free to ask whenever and whatever comes to mind.

Seungri: I could see him using that against you at opportune moments. He’ll poke and tickle you if you ever try to tease him or do something he doesn’t like or maybe even to convince you to do something for him if he’s too lazy to do it himself. He definitely wouldn’t let that information slip by without being useful.

TOP: I don’t see him using it as a weapon as much. He may even forget about it until he accidentally places his hand of finger at your ticklish spot and you react crazily from it. He’ll find it amusing and cute and may do it on purpose once in a while, but he won’t use it to torture you.

Taeyang: I can see him being mischievous once in a while and tickling just to see you react. He’ll probably find how you react cute and the faces you make when you’re being tickled. He’d crave to hear you laugh and squeal, so he’d love to tickle you while cuddling in bed or if you teased him about something.

-Admin A

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Anonymous asked:

Is there a scenario about waking up with one of the band members?

There is one for Daesung here: click!

As for the other members, I’m not 100% sure… but Daesung’s was the only one I could remember.

-Admin A

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Anonymous asked:

Thanks for answering my worries about GD's relationship haha it made me feel a lot better! (I get the impression that the poor boy must devote his life to love more than anyone else, idk..) I can't wait until each of the boys find someone special and finally have a steady relationship (they might have right now ;p) It's a shame they have to take into consideration how the public will react but I know they know we love them and will always wish the best for them ^o^
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